Waxing Machine Car Polishing Machine Car Gloss 12v


Waxing Machine Car Polishing Machine Car Gloss 12v Description

Product Features:

1. Multifunctional: Can be used to polish and wax for car, banister, floor, home, etc.

2. The handle of ergonomic design is comfortable, so that it can effectively save time and strength in the process of using it, and easy to use.

3. Professional design is stable and durable. Copper 504 movement, large heat dissipation hole, with thicker cigarette lighter power cord, which can continuously work.

Product Parameters:

1. Material: High-quality environmentally friendly engineering materials ABS

2. Color: Blue

3. Power supply interface: DC12 car cigarette lighter

4. Power: 80W 5. Service life: about 3-5 years

Packing List:

1 * Polishing and waxing machine

1 * Polished towel cover

1 * Waxed towel cover

1 * Car power cord

1 * Operating instruction