USB Hub 4 Port 2.0 With Button


Description: USB Hub 4 Port 2.0 With Button -

Detail:  4 Port USB Hub To Power You USB Devices. Where You Feel That You Are Out Of USB Outputs Just Plug The USB Hub And Get 4 Port Out Of 1. Carry The USB-Powered Hub With You Anywhere, With A Portable And Lightweight Design. This Hub Has An Ability To Disconnect And Connect Each Individual USB Connecter In The Hub. Has An LED Indicator For Every Port And An ON/OFF Switch For Every Port.

Key Features:

1)      4 USB Ports

2)      Plug And Play

3)      Forward And Backward Compatible

4)      LED Indicator 


Output: 100 MA (MAX)

Package Includes:

1x USB Hub 4 Port 2.0