NeoCell Super Collagen Powder – 6,600mg Collagen Types 1 & 3 - unflavored - 7 Ounces


COLLAGEN POWDER: A mix of Types 1 and 3 hydrolyzed collagen peptides, Super Collagen Powder gives a portion of the vital structure squares to deliver collagen in a simple to blend, unflavored powder.

Delightful FROM THE INSIDE OUT: Hydrolyzed collagen bolsters the soundness of your skin, hair and nails, causing you look and to feel brilliantly wonderful from the back to front

COLLAGEN PEPTIDES: utilizing NeoCell's propelled hydrolyzation process, enormous collagen atoms are enzymatically hydrolyzed into little peptides that are bioavailable in the body

JOINT SUPPORT: Super Collagen powder bolsters joint adaptability.

COLLAGEN DRINK: Simply break up 1 scoop of Super Collagen Powder in your preferred refreshment, smoothie or add to a formula and devour day by day. Contains 6,600mg NeoCell Collagen Types 1 and 3 for every serving.