Car DVR Recorder Full HD 1080P Dash Cam


Car DVR Recorder Full HD 1080P Dash Cam Loop Recorder 6 fill lights Clear Night Vision Car Camera Wide Angle Description

1) The built-in battery capacity of this DVR is very small, can only maintain 2-3 minutes of recording, you need to match the original charger that we deliver continuously power supply, in order to normal recording

2) The DVR supports 12V voltage power supply. If the voltage is less than 12V, the DVR can not record properly because of the current instability. If the voltage is greater than 12V, the DVR will burn because the current is too large. Improper use will not Bear any responsibility

3) This DVR supports 24h cycle recording, but need to buy another step-down line to provide electricity at night

4) This DVR only supports 10 class memory cards. If you use a copy card similar to Class 4 or Class 6, the SD card is full because it is not compatible. Please check your memory card is 8GB, 16GB or 32GB, this DVR only supports 32GB card, it can not read the 64GB card

5) After receiving the product, whatever SD card is empty or not, you must format the card at the first time in dvr MENU settings instead of formatting it on computer, after formatting you can start the dvr to do recording.

6) If you encounter any questions after receiving the parcel, please do not give a negative evaluation, please contact our customer service the first time, we will give you a satisfactory answer, Thomas committed to providing the best service to customers Bring a good shopping experience

7) When you do not use this dvr device, please remove the car cigarette lighter charger

Parking, or when your car engine starts big instantaneous current may burn your dvr.

Product Name: PARASOLANT High - speed driving recorder

Video resolution: 1080P Full HD

Screen size: 2.7 inches

Available colors: black\\

Wide angle size: 170 degrees

Video pixels: 3 million

Memory card type: high-speed IF card support memory size: 8G-32G

Main function: Night video recording / taking pictures

Playback view

24 hours monitoring (optional)

HD output

Loop video