Baltistan Himalayan Buckwheat Tea (Soba Cha) - 1 LB

  • Helps in managing diabetes (reduce the concentration of glucose in the body)
  • Helps in the immune system (high in various antioxidants and vitamins)
  • Aids in digestion (antioxidant improves digestive function, eliminate bloating and constipation)
  • Improves heart health (lower levels of blood pressure and cholesterol count)
  • Prevents kidney problems (antioxidants slow the progression of the condition)
  • Reduce the risk of cancer (help defend against cellular mutation and the spread of cancer)
  • Promotes weight loss (low in calorie, stimulate metabolism, eliminate water weight)

Himalayas Organic Foods is bringing Organic Buckwheat Tea (Soba Cha) in Pakistan for the first time which is grown in the Organic high-altitude villages of Gilgit Baltistan.

Our Soba Cha-the Roasted Buckwheat Tea is made from the most nutritious seeds of buckwheat plants that are grown in high altitude Organic villages of Himalayas and Karakorum mountains in Gilgit Baltistan.

It has been used for a very long time in China, Japan, Korea and many other parts of world.The groats, or seeds, are roasted to make buckwheat tea. Infusing the roasted kernels of buckwheat in hot water and you will be amazed by the rich, strong nutty aroma, like coffee but without the bitterness. Almost everyone agrees that the scent of the tea is quite strong, but ultimately pleasing.

Although many people find the taste quite good, the real reason most people are trying buckwheat tea is because of its excellent health benefits. The Himalayas organicBuckwheat tea contains nutrients that are easiest for our body to absorb. In fact, in Japan, Korea and China where roasted buckwheat kernel tea, or soba-cha, has been consumed for centuries, people have been touting the extraordinary health benefits of this caffeine-free drink. Bitter Buckwheat tea is known to help to control obesity, stress, high blood pressure, and cholesterol.

Health benefits associated with drinking buckwheat tea range from improved circulation and prevention of varicose veins to cardiovascular and metabolic benefits.

For starters, buckwheat contains several vitamins and minerals such as B1 and B2. Essentially what rutin does is strengthen capillaries as well as helps to fight off free radicals. This means that it helps people suffering from high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, and can even help prevent a very large amount of different types of cancer.

On top of rutin, buckwheat also contains a compound called choline. Choline is one of the members of the vitamin B complex. This one in particular plays an integral role in proper metabolizing, and it also decreases cholesterol and lowers blood pressure.

The good news does not stop there. Buckwheat, particularly drinking buckwheat tea, helps the body prevent the accumulation of body fat. It also enables your body to produce healthier and more regular bowel movements. To top it all off buckwheat and its tea variant fit into a low-calorie and well-balanced diet. Even the strictest regimens can easily include this tea; it will not throw off dietary restrictions.

22 Scientific Health Benefits of Buckwheat Tea

Now you know the great nutrients contained in buckwheat. Therefore, as buckwheat is commonly consumed as tea, we provide you the health benefits of buckwheat tea below.

1. Source of Antioxidant Properties

Enriched with two flavonoids makes buckwheat tea a good source of antioxidants. Consequently, this kind of nutrients helps to prevent diseases caused by the presence of viruses and bacteria in the body. It is linked to the work of flavonoid that extends the action of Vitamin C and acts as antioxidants. Indeed, flavonoids which are categorized as phytonutrient offers you a range of great health benefits. In addition, you can consume buckwheat tea together with broccoli and spinach to gain more antioxidant properties.

2. Prevents Free Radicals

As described, buckwheat tea contains antioxidant properties that help maintain the body health. Hence, by also having a nutrient called lignins, buckwheat tea takes part in preventing free radicals which may cause the growth of cancer cell.

3. Source of Protein

It is known that buckwheat tea contains essential amino acids such as lysine to build muscle, support neurological function, and helps to balance hormones naturally. Also, protein helps to increase the work of immune system and heals the wound. In addition, you can consume other protein foods including meat, eggs, fish, and beans to fulfill the protein needs in the body.

4. Source of Manganese

Promoting bone structure and metabolism, creating essential enzymes for building bones are one of health benefits of buckwheat tea. Another health benefits of manganese are the way it promotes the calcium absorption in the body. Indeed, by consuming buckwheat tea, it helps you to have a natural source of manganese.

5. Source of Magnesium

With magnesium contained in buckwheat, it provides great mineral that helps to improve blood flow and relaxes blood vessels. Also, by lowering blood pressure, magnesium in buckwheat tea helps to deliver the nutrient through blood.

6. Source of Copper

By containing copper, buckwheat tea has a role in promoting proper enzymatic reactions, eyes and hair health, and also to increase the energy in the body. Apart from that, it is known that copper takes part in regulating thyroid glands, reducing symptoms of arthritis and increasing blood formation as well.

7. No Caffeine Contained

Unlike other kinds of tea, buckwheat tea provides health benefits without the presence of caffeine contained. As a result, your body will be completed with the work of great nutrients and also with no caffeine effects such as anxiety.

8. Gluten-free Food

Eating gluten-free food like buckwheat tea helps you to prevent celiac disease which is a disease that damaging the small intestine while consuming any grain foods. Thus, for those who have gluten sensitivities, you can watch the intake of foods such as bread, pizza, and cereal. In contrast, consuming buckwheat tea will promote your body in a safe way.

9. Chemical-free Food

Buckwheat is a plant that does not require a lot of pesticides to grow well. At this point, it is linked to the presence of no chemicals contained in buckwheat. Hence, now you must have no doubt to consume buckwheat tea as it promises many great things to you.

10. Source of Essential Nutrients

Not only for providing some great source of nutrients listed above but also buckwheat tea has a role to offer you great B vitamins including B6, pantothenic acid, niacin, folate, thiamin, and choline to maintain the body health.

11. Helps Losing Weight

In fact, buckwheat tea is an ideal and beneficial drink for us. For this reason, it contains a good amount of catechins which help you to lose some weight faster. Moreover, consuming good foods together with doing regular exercise help to maintain the ideal body weight.

12. Promotes Cardiovascular System

Certain health problems that are linked to the cardiovascular system often associated with blood pressure level. This disease affects the work of heart and blood vessels function. Thus, with the presence of magnesium in buckwheat tea, it helps to the adequate blood supply in providing oxygen so that the muscle can pump the blood greatly as well as it prevents certain health problems of the cardiovascular system. Otherwise, the deficiency of magnesium level in the body can promote the risk of having a stroke and other heart diseases.

13. Prevents Heart Disease

Due to the presence of phytonutrient contained in buckwheat tea helps to prevent heart disease. This nutrient in whole grains such as buckwheat is converted into enterolactone which has shown to protect against heart disease. To have more enterolactone levels in the body, you can consume cabbage and other leafy vegetables as a food option.

14. Prevents Risks of Diabetes

As described, buckwheat tea contains a good source of magnesium which is the mineral to stimulate the work of enzymes involved in the body’s use of glucose and insulin secretion. Moreover, the consumption of foods that is rich in magnesium associated to lower the risks of having diabetes type 2. Indeed, the nutrients in buckwheat tea help to lower the level of glucose and insulin responses as a way to prevent diabetes.

15. Prevents Breast Cancer

As buckwheat is categorized as kind of whole grains, it shows that it is beneficial to protect against breast cancer. This benefit based on studies which have found that consuming foods that are rich in fiber offered significant protection against breast cancer for pre-menopausal women. Further, you can include fiber foods to your diet menu as an option.

16. Prevents Gallstones

A study has shown that consuming fiber foods gains more protection against gallstones. Then, it has shown that consuming 5 grams of insoluble fiber helps to lower the risks of gallstones by 10%. The fiber itself work to reduce the secretion of bile acids which in excessive amounts contribute to form the gallstone.

17. Protects Against Childhood Asthma

Asthma is a condition that inflames and narrows the airways in the lungs. As a matter of fact, it affects in the bronchial tubes. Hence, a study found that consuming whole grains including buckwheat tea could reduce the risk of childhood asthma by 50%. Also, the antioxidants contained in buckwheat tea is associated to cure asthma compared to those who do not consume antioxidant-contained foods. Such a great and beneficial beverage, right?

18. Prevents Edema

Based on research, regular intake of buckwheat tea performs good benefits to the body. It shows that it is highly effective in treating the edema swelling. Also, the study stated that the tea can prevent edema further progress as well.

19. Promotes Renal Function

As explained before, buckwheat tea contains a good source of fiber. Consequently, fiber helps to promote renal health as well as it prevents certain diseases related to the renal function.

20. Improves Ovulation Functioning

By increasing insulin actions, buckwheat contributes to improving the ovulation functioning as well as reducing blood pressure levels.

21. Promotes Rutin Nutrient

Do you know what rutin exactly is? It is a type of bioflavonoid which produce collagen and use vitamin C to maintain its ability in strengthening the lining of blood vessels. At this point, if you wish to have more rutin nutrient, you can look for Tartary buckwheat tea. You should consider having this kind of tea since common buckwheat tea has no quercetin which has a role in promoting antioxidant properties.

22. Boost Immunity

Each of health benefits of buckwheat tea has proved that this beverage helps to boost immunity. Indeed, it is linked to the function of great nutrients contained. Furthermore, antioxidants increase immunity level of the body as its fights against toxic free radicals and protect against harmful viral, bacterial and fungal infections.