5 in 1 Electric Spin Brush Facial Cleaner Face Liffting Massager Machine


 Apparatus SPA Cleaning Cleanser Skin Care Spin Brushes

Notes & Care Tips :

   *Clean all the accessories with water (do not use alcohol, gas or detergent) and keep the temperature within  50 degrees Celsius. 
   *Keep the inner part of the cleaning brush clean. 
   *Please air-dry the unit after long-time use. 
   *Keep away from dry, rough, or sensitive skin, and skin with acne or sun burnt skin. 
   *Softly and generously massage your skin with the cleaning brush. 
   *Please spend less time using the brush on your neck surface as it has thinner skin thickness compared to other parts of the body .
   *Keep accessories clean and hygienic for long lasting and comfortable use. 
   *Please keep accessories away from children as it might cause choking hazard.