Welcome to Qareeb.com.pk – Your aperture towards online shopping!

        What are we?

 We as a renowned organization act as a binding force between you and the      products you require. Our aim is to deliver your wishes right at your door step with utmost convenience and reliability for you. We provide our customers with a variety of products available to them on a single platform just a click away from them. We believe in customer satisfaction and power and provide you with a belvedere to unleash a market place offering products which are unique, unparalleled in quality and that too with the most reasonable pricing ever in Pakistan.

What do we deal in?
We offer our customers a diverse range of products from daily life usage consumer products to highly efficient and professional business products. Our products include clothing for both men and women, Smartphones, beauty care items, automotive products, home decor products, groceries and much more. We believe in quality and ensure it at any cost keeping in mind a reasonable price for it.
What makes us different?
We provide you with an easy online shopping portal but offer more than any of our competitors. We give you the power and a sense of liberty while shopping and strive for assisting you in your choice to buy. For us your satisfaction is more important than any other factor and that is why we have a skilled group of professional staff available to you resolve and sort out your queries and demands. We have a team having the most talented customer care department, adroit and qualified graphic designers, energetic developers and crafty writers who work tirelessly in building the pillars of Dukandar.com stronger. We offer you:
  • A diverse online shopping arcade with almost every thing
  • Timely and fast delivery right at your doorstep
  • Give priority to our customer’s concerns and queries
  • Unambiguous and transparent description of product features and countenance
  • Easy and user friendly website
  • Assisting clients in an easy purchasing procedure
  • Easy and customer friendly exchange and REFUND policies
  • Offer a platform for sellers to sell their products and create a market place for themselves
  • Proficiency for both sellers and buyers
  • Amazing discounts and unbeatable pricing
  • Easy and convenient payment methods including Cash on Delivery and Online Payment mediums.
Why are we doing it?
  • Provide our customers with an arena having a complete marketplace and variety of products just a click away
  • Assisting you in your busy life by saving your precious time by avoiding physically shopping and making your Smartphone etc your market place.
  • Boosting the e-commerce industry in Pakistan and strengthening the nation’s economy.
  • Relieving you of a hustling life and providing you with the most leisure we can.
Contact Us:
Tel: 0311 1180080
Email: help@qareeb.com.pk