Winter EarMuffs Headphones


* Listen to music while keeping your ears warm 
* Made of soft, non-toxic and eco-friendly faux fur 
* Unique and stylish, protect your ears from the cold 
* Features built-in headphones with volume control 
* Includes a detachable wire to plug into all music devices 
* Compatible with 3.5mm inputs
* Color Options: Red, Pink, Black, Gray and Beige 


* Material: Acrylic Fibers + Faux Fur 
* Cable Length: 1.2m 
* Jack output: 3.5mm 
* Package Dimension: 200*180*80mm 
* Weight: 100g

Included Contents:

* 1 x Earmuff Headphone 
* 1 x 3.5mm Adapter Cable