Top Battery Power Banks In Pakistan

Top Battery Power Banks In Pakistan

Have you ever being travelling and the battery of your cell phone goes dead? This is frustrating, right? If you have ever faced such situation you much know what I exactly mean.

In such situation a portable power bank can make a huge difference to you. If you all are looking for the best battery power bank then you are surely at the right platform. Here I will highlight top battery power banks available in Pakistan. If you buy a power bank without the knowledge of its feature and your requirements you may fail to get 100% result. Let’s have a look at the top most selling power banks in market now.

  • Power add Pilot X15200mAh portable charger:

Sometimes you may feel that your life is so easy with mobile devices and smart phone, unless they run out of battery time. Power add provides the feature of charging your hand set. It has excellent quality and compatibility. You don’t have to worry about the battery life as its amazing feature contains 2-Micro USB cable, X External battery and 4-Ac Adapter. The LED feature of this power bank will make it easy for you to know about the extent of the power supply.

  • Power Bot PB6000 6000 mAh Universal Power Bank:

This fabulous power bank is designed so that you can connect it to your phone and boost up the battery whenever you need. You can not only charge it at home but also throw it in your bag after connecting it with your phone. It also contains built in flash light. It is available in black color and has capacity of 600mAh power capacity. If you give a look at its quality it is worth buying.

KMASHI 10000mAh MP816 Dual USB battery Pack:

If you never want to suffer from “low battery anxiety” you must go for KMASHI 1000mAh power bank. It can work with all types of smart phone so you need not worry about the handset you have. It is not only superior to other power banks but it has a charging capacity of 5V/3.1A. It has an amazing feature of intelligence IC for managing power. Right now this product is available at affordable price, so don’t miss the opportunity of buying this.

  • Easy ACC 120000 mAh battery charger:

This device is proven winner if you need to charge 4 devices at same time. This thing is definitely a beast. It can charge your device up to 7 times. Its features include 2 cable wires and 4 connectors. It also has an accessory carry pouch. It has a colorful and eye catching compact design. You can go for it without the second thought as it will never deceive you in performance.

  • 9-AP 15600mAh Power Bank Charger:

This is our last product of the list. To get the most bang for your buck related to phone battery go for AP 15600Ah power Bank. It has 2 charging slots. It has a capacity of 15600mAh power supply. It is suitable for almost all the mobile device. It is also available in a reduced price.



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