The 5 Accessories Every IPhone Has

The 5 Accessories Every IPhone Has

On Earth, 74.5 million people have iPhones in their hands or pockets. However, not half of these people know how to maximise the benefit of this product. Only die-hard iPhone fans are aware of these retrofits and are able to make full use of the phonesI am an enthusiast, having many unneeded peripherals. I am tired to most of them but those below never cease to amaze.


  1. BatteryBox

Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce the smartest external battery power pack available for (most of) iOS devices today.

BatteryBox delivers the market's highest 16,000 mAh (60 Wh) capacity that you can use  whenever your battery level starts betraying you. This is about 5x the capacity of the iPhone 6, which can last for two days.

I use BatteryBox so much,all the while on the road when I’m out hitting Walmart, or when I’m out in the middle of nowhere for long periods of time. It works with my iPhone, iPad and Mac. Its scope differentiates it from other power packs in the market.

BatteryBox has no problem keeping up with your device usage, which means it’s a valuable addition to your all traveling trips.

  1. Speck Candyshell Grip

Buy this iPhone cover to replace your old, cringey one.

My iPhone has to be absolutely protected and this is the best cover for the job. I have actually dropped my phone to the floor a number of times but thanks to this (and God of course), my iPhone is still usable. Moreover, I love the feel of its soft, rigid surface.

Coming to comfort, the volume buttons have a very crisp ‘click’ through the protective rubber button boots on the sides of the case. My life is literally incomplete without that 'click'. Also, the rubber grips that go across the back of the case are commendable. When  using your iPhone one-handed, this cover provides extra grip for your butter fingers.

This is a cheap, reliable accessory. And a must have. Price: $20

  1. Mujjo Touchscreen Gloves

This is the most interesting gadget I have and it has served me well.

You can tap all you want with while you’re wearing these gloves. No more struggling to get your gloves off, so only to answer a call. For those who like snowmen, I recommend the double-layered double-warm gloves, available in three different sizes.

They’re really comfortable, warm, and stylish at the same time. Mujjo also offers basic varieties for a bit less, if your wallet feels extra light. Price $28

  1. TuneBand Armband

Especially recommended for athletic enthusiasts. Working out or running with your iPhone can be problematic. You want your phone with you in case you get a call or text message, and so you can listen to tunes, but you don’t want it bouncing around in your pocket.

There are a few armbands on the market, but we like the two-piece design of the TuneBand. The armband features a flexible, silicone case that your iPhone fits into, along with openings for easy access to your phone’s controls and ports. The case also comes with adjustable Velcro straps, allowing for a fit that’s as secure as it is comfortable. Price $25 approximately.

  1. Mpow iSnap Selfie Stick

Selfie sticks have  gotten so popular that it would be unfair to not have one.

Here’s an extendable selfie stick with a Bluetooth remote control to help you capture great selfies wherever you are. This little tweak can extend to 31.5 inches at the maximum. It pairs easily and there’s a secure clamp to hold your iPhone. The 270-degree, adjustable head enables you to find just the right angle.

Mine also has a wrist strap at the end to help ensure that I don’t drop it. Kudos! Price: upto $20.


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