Jewellery Retouching

Jewellery Retouching

In jewelry retouching, we process your jewelry images get rid of extra reflections, color improvements and bringing in more detail. There are a variety of methods and techniques for this. One of the most challenging tasks for us at Graphic studio is to provide jewellery editing services. Jewelery is the most demanding product these days. It not only makes you feel better, but also brings an upfront beauty in your personality. But it all depends on how you represent the product. Jewelry retouching service can improve this profile by leaps and bounds.

At graphic studio, we deal with image processing for jewelry and precious gems. Our professionals and experienced staff provide quality work and maintain the level of accuracy to meet the demands of our clients. We provide a wide range of services that include eliminating spots from images, settle down the color contrast and correction of light and dark colors to give a real effect. We clip the images by giving them a white background with natural shadows. We also remove the scratches from the jewelry items in image. Back shanks of rings and earrings are also drawn where necessary.

One of the best services provided by our skilled workers is that they are capable of exploring creative ideas with variety of satisfactory services. They make your images look lively by breathing life into it. To give some natural look to specific images we edit one image in different styles so that you can choose according to your catalogs.

At the Graphic Studio we provide such services which enhance the look of your image and help your attract more business. We revolutionize the jewellery business by providing our services in an affordable way. The attractive photos of rings, bracelets and necklace we see in the magazines are not possible without the help of jewellery retouch. Our services also include dust removal, photo clipping and making the jewellery shiny. By working of commercial photos, we also fulfill the requirement of large organizations. It is one the complex task and we are especially skilled at handling such assignments. Our mission is to establish a long-term relationship with our clients.

We first outline the product and then retouch the spots and scratches on that item. After that, we move towards adjusting the color contrasts, brightness, sharpness and tone where needed. Most appropriate and suitable backgrounds are also added to the jeweler items’ images to enhance the image. Accordingly, images are also resized and rescaled. We blend out the bad color from the image and remove all the flaws.

In Graphics Studio, we use the latest techniques to edit your images and give an elegant look to it. We always focus on delivering the best quality images in a short period of time. We have an experienced and professional team who is capable of bringing out the excellent quality of work. We stick to the details of the image and bring out amazing results that can never disappoint our client’s expectations. 

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