How to Use SnapChat Spectacles

How to Use SnapChat Spectacles

There has been lots of hype around latest smart spectacles launched by snapchat. Indeed, this is something really unique and exciting for users.. With snapchat features that were already among top favorites, now these spectacles are the hottest gadget in wearable technology. These spectacles are ridiculously fun and everyone's trying to buy his pair of glasses.


Here we are sharing tips and tricks to use snapchat spectacles. So make sure that you get the most of your first experience of wearing these amazing smart spectacles.


  • Charging


The very first thing you need to do is to charge your spectacles with the help of USB by attaching it to a connector on the outside case. Make sure to remove plastic over charging connectors, otherwise it will not charge.

To check charging with the help of LED indicator by pressing the side button. Pressing same button twice shows current charge of your glasses. Actual percentage can also be checked from app settings.


  • Connection with Phone


Snapchat spectacles can be connected to your phone via Bluetooth. Simply turn on mobile Bluetooth and select “pair new device” option from app settings. You can choose the name of your spectacles once connected. You must keep in mind that snapchat spectacles can store up to 10 videos and if you are connecting to a new device then the video will get transferred to that new device. So make sure to clear memory before making new connections in order to keep privacy.


  • Taking Videos

With the help of top left button you can record videos. Once time pressing records video for 10 seconds. So longer videos can be recorded with pressing button twice or thrice.


  • Transferring Videos

Once videos are captured, they are transferred automatically to memory section of snapchat via Bluetooth. First lower quality SD version is transferred that is  replaced by high quality HD version later on.


  • Saving Spectacle Videos


You can download videos on your smartphone if you don't like to keep all spectacle videos inside your app. Just save the video by  pressing story option in specs tab. Although the downloaded videos will not be that much fun as they will appear in thick black or white border and you cannot change the orientation by rotating your phone. However the advantage is that you can share these downloaded  videos on other social networks.


No doubt snapchat spectacles are great fun and amazing way to capture your memorable event, every day fun times in your phone memory. Indeed, there are much more exciting as compared to taking pictures or recording videos with your mobile phones and cameras. You glasses just record what you see. So grab your snapchat spectacles and enter into the world of ultimate fun and enjoyment.


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