Home automation gadgets in Pakistan

Home automation gadgets in Pakistan

Automating your home in Pakistan, is not just a dream now. The smart automated devices make your life simpler. All your electronic devices in your home are just at the distance of a click from you. You get control of the appliances, heating and lighting devices or any other electrical device with the help of automated smart devices. Being energy conserving and comfortable, the smart devices can take care of your home which saves your time and effort too.

An automation system comprises of the sensors which can sense any type of activity and the smart devices actuate accordingly saving a lot of energy and thus reducing the figure of your utility bills. These devices are safe to use and are reliable which make your home safer by providing instant security through surveillance devices. You get control on lighting, media devices or climate with the help of these smart gadgets.

Home automation in Pakistan

Pakistan has made a great pace regarding home automation, in last few decades and is making marks in this field immensely. There are many companies which are working in Pakistan to provide the brilliant home automation services which and provide many safe and energy efficient products, at affordable prices.  If chosen the right way, the intelligent home automation can make your life a lot easier and effortless.

So here is a guide for you which includes the names of top products that are developed by the best home automation services providing companies, around the country. Let’s have a quick overview of these products.

  1. Smart Board


Smart Board is a genuine product of an emerging tech based company “Clique”. This smart gadget can replace the switchboards and sockets and let you take control of all the electric home appliances. You don’t have to run appliance to appliance for switching it off or on, just tap on the screen of your smart phone or use your voice to control any feature of the electrical device by sitting at one place. 

Clique provides you the installation of this device at no cost along with the free user guide. It can automate any home appliance like TV, air conditioners, refrigerators etc.


  1. Smart Bus Temperature Sensor Probe


“Mansha Brothers” is another great name in the realm of home automation. Smart bus temperature sensor probe is one of the most exciting climate control smart device, manufactured by this company. It works stand-alone for HVAC2 and can be connected to the controller HVAC2 to get the value of temperature in your home and then performs cooling or heating actions accordingly. It does not need DDP panel or 9 in 1 sensor module for its working.

  1. Smart Security Camera


Smart Security Camera is an ultimate home automation product of the company, “Smart Home”. The smart camera works amazingly and ensures the viable security of your home. You can get access of this camera anytime on your smartphone or laptop. It contains a motion sensor, a night vision camera, and a 2-way talking device. A cloud storage feature is included in it so it doesn’t require any DVR (Digital Video recorder). Better it is to use IP camera which can easily be controlled, as it is wireless and has great connectivity.



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