Hairstyle for Men in 2017

Hairstyle for Men in 2017


Hair style refers to styling your hair in different ways. This article contains hairstyle for men if you want to look professional and well groomed at the same time. It covers the major emerging trend of fashion and trendy hairstyles. Many people think that the trendy hairstyles for Men 2011 will be elegant and sophisticated as well. Usually men who keep beard have difficulty in finding the right hairstyle. It’s not necessary that all the haircuts for men will suit your beard. If you want to give a masculine look then this article contains hairstyle that can match your beard and face cut.

Best Men hairstyles For Summer:

Dealing with the style of your hair can be a bit annoying especially in summers. It becomes twice tricky then any part of the year. Boys usually look for hairstyle that can complement their looks and can easily be carried. Here are some styles for Men that will keep the natural charm of their looks and ease in carrying the hairstyles. One of the most important things is that while choosing nay hairstyle man need to consider the length or the hair as well as their facial feature.

The Classic undercut: This is the most descent trend ever in the fashion circle. It is gaining popularity in television and movies. We see many stars carrying this style around the world. It is quite simple and brings grace to your personality. The length of the hair are always in the perfect balance it gives a clean outlook overall. It gives an impressive style to your looks.

Layered Undercut: It you want to give a funky or wild look this summer, then layered undercut is the best option you have. It requires specific cuts of the length of hair. Don’t mess up with this hairstyle. If it suits you it will give a stunning look. But too many layers can sometimes ruin the entire look of the haircut, if not carried properly.

Puffy hairstyles: This hairstyle gives an extra volume to your hairstyle. Boys with a broad face must try this puffy style. It will give a balance to your face and a charming look as well.  It can also be the best option for boys having curly or wavy hairs. This hairstyle looks natural as well.

Top Classic hairstyles For All Time:

Sleek hairstyle:  This hairstyle requires deep parting of hairs. This hairstyle can be used in formal events. This is a catchy hairstyle and worth trying.  This hairstyle gives a professional look when in business meeting.

Medium Length Hairstyle: This hairstyle has hit the season. It is very difficult to keep the long length of hair under control. But by using the right haircut and hair products you can simply let your hair down. As here we are talking about classic hairstyle they must also be in a net and presentable manner.

Combed back Hairstyle: This hairstyle is probably the most eye catching hairstyle.  It is worth to try this season. We have seen many celebrities supporting this hairstyle differently. By adding some highlights it gives an upgraded look. This hairstyle goes much better with long length.

Sooth rockabilly hairstyle: now 50s rockabilly hairstyles are back. If you see a guy with such hairstyle then it obvious that he follows the latest trend of fashion.  I think boys perfectly rock in this hairstyle.  This hairstyle goes perfect with blond hair but I am pretty sure that black hair will also rock this hair style.

Factors that influence your hairstyle

Hairs express one’s personal style.  It reflects its personality. It gives charm to your entire outlook. Now here are some few factors that may influence your decision for hair styling.

Events: what is the occasion your are getting ready for? Is the event taking place indoors or outdoors? Type of event really matters. If you are attending a wedding you may go for something intricate. It you are on a casual gathering with friends and family you may opt for a little laid back. If you are on a way to club or party or dancing then you want some crazy and fun spirited style.

Weather and climate: not a surprising fact that climate and weather plays a huge role in selecting a hairstyle. At a dew point curly hair gets more curly and fizzy. You mess up with your hair. Weather is a very challenging factor. In this case you can use different hair products to maintain the style of your hair.

Dressing: fashion and hair style both influence each other in a way or other. Perfect hairstyle and sense of dressing gives an elegant look to your personality. If your style goes great with your dressing then there are chances that you may have a more refined look.

Best hair products:

Dry Shampoo: Washing your hair every day is not good. But by using some shampoo every other day will give a healthy look to your hair. You should rinse your hair every day. If you use a dry shampoo it will absorb excess hair oil.

WAX: By applying wax to dry hair, you can make best short styles. It will also make your hair shiny.

Cream: Cream is the best product for long and medium length hair when applied it gives little shine. To give a slightly firmer hold to your hair you can also use a blow dryer.

Hair spray: hairspray can be used for long hair. First set the style you chose for your hair with the help of a blow dryer. Then add a slightly spray to tame your hair.


We have compiled the list of best hairstyles and best hair products for men. Now we have many hair styling products available in the market. The men following the latest trend of fashion have their hairstyles in the priority list.  Trendy hairstyles will give a masculine look. We hope this inspiration will help you to choose your next hairstyle.


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