Dukandar.com- An Online Marketplace for Sellers

Dukandar.com- An Online Marketplace for Sellers

Dukandar.com has emerged as one of the top  leading eCommerce platforms. With a huge product range , from fashion to technology, lifestyle products, sports and fitness equipments , Dukandar.com serve as a one stop solution for online shoppers. We have a vision of promoting online shopping to four parts in Pakistan by reaching customers and seller all over Pakistan. Not only famous brand names, but we are aiming to promote small business in remote cities of Pakistan.

As the market for  online shopping in Pakistan got quite saturated in the last decade, so huge competition demands a better product range and marketing. Dukandar.com is offering best online marketplace for sellers to advertise their products. Here are some top features that we offer to our clients/sellers.

  • Free Online Advertising

We offer free online advertising channel. Sellers can enlist their products on our platform without any fee or charges. You can range wide range of customer via Dukandar.com  without any investment on our portal.

  • Equal Opportunity

We offer equal opportunity for all brands to come and display their products on our portal. We market your products  free of cost . All sellers are important to us and we market their products depending on product range and market trends.

  • Increased Sales

Dukandar.com has a huge customer base which can become ultimately your customer base if you have products to offer that click customers. We focus on providing the best quality and best prices to our customers. Sellers who are keen to offer best to the customers can surely have a tremendous spike in your sales via our portal.

  • Acquire New Customers

Online sellers can acquire new customers via Dukandar.com. Introduce your products to a wide range of audience at our platform and get a new customer base. We market your products via facebook, instagram and other social platforms. So at Dukandar.com, you will have the advantage of gathering customers from different areas, age groups, industries.

  • Business Improvements

We have a proper feedback system to record customer feedbacks. Depending on customer reviews you can get an idea about your quality , prices and the latest market trends. Customer feedback can help you a lot to improve your business and figure out the areas in which you are lacking. You can improve your product range depending on customer demands and ultimately improve your business and profits.


Dukandar.com invites you to share your product portfolio and enjoy increased sales, increased customer reach and greater revenue.

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