Drone Delivery And Its Future In Pakistan

Drone Delivery And Its Future In Pakistan

So far in Pakistan, drone is the designation of a devil that only kills people consistently as well as terrorizes the residents of the Fata. But the real framework is entirely different in the modern world regarding drones and its user-friendly nature. Mainly, it is needed for one purpose which is the shipment of cargo but it depends on the variety of cargo. It can be a bomb, yummy pizza, patient in a bed or any other type required. The plus point of such shipment is the protection of human life as it does not need pilot to operate it like a plane but can be controlled from a computer on the ground while it goes for a flight.

Until now, it has been used for distinct tasks as stated above but the masses in Pakistan scarcely know about its efficacious facets courtesy to its bombing history. One can use it for delivery of food stuff like pizza, burger and sandwiches to a customer at home just in few minutes avoiding ground barriers like traffic jams and other issues common to roads. While getting eatables and drinks on the top of a lofty mountain adds to its efficient capacity of delivery. Taking pictures from aerial view and creating videos of live events is made easier than ever through drone technology. Mostly nowadays, media uses drone cameras for the coverage of political and social gatherings. Also keeping an eagle eye over areas known for crimes is one the most critical accomplishment of drones as well as access to locations that are practically inconceivable for humans is no more a dilemma.

The latest evolution of drones is the biggest breakthrough in field of health in the history. This features the application of drone as an ambulance can be a reality in few years. It will replace helicopters used for moving away patients’ right from the tragedy spot within no time. The helicopter gobbles tons of fuel as well as it cannot be landed on busy roads while the drone ambulance will be much affordable for common people and quicker too. The present issue is to make it feasible for carrying a patient and that is in experimental stages. But keeping in view so many advanced modifications and moderations in the field of technology, it is undeniably going to be practicable to deliver an injured person while being observed continuously throughout the journey.

On the other hand, it may be used for some unethical and illegal acts. Like, one can poke his/her nose into the house of others without a hint of detection which deteriorates the privacy level. The smugglers will be able to transfer drugs and weapons across the parts of borders with less or no security and even suicide bombing will be easier for them.

Keeping in mind the above troubles and terribly important aspects, the drone technology needs to be properly legislated before introducing in the markets for common folks. Many examples are there in history for the wicked applications of modern technology. So the government needs to keep a strict policy regarding this technology. Otherwise, another new trend will be set in the field of crimes and people will never accept drone as a good thing.

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