Does Apple Air Pod Worth Buying?

Does Apple Air Pod Worth Buying?

Yeah I am well aware that every iPhone lover is up in arms about the decision to eliminate the headphone jack from new Apple devices. Let’s have a recap before we discuss about the worth of Apple Air pod. We all know that Apple has always revolutionized our thinking about the technology. Their great innovation has dragged the industry along with them. And here we all are screaming and reacting of the removal of headphone jack from iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus. If we see the other 0side, Apple is actually revolutionizing the way we listen to different audios on our head set.

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The new iPhone 7 does not feature the headphone jack. The users can either use their old headphones or they can go for ear buds. They can also use Bluetooth headphone, but pairing them up every time is the most disaster work one can do. To fix these problems apple has launched Air pods. They are wireless and have unique properties. It has built in sensors that allow you to stop a song when you remove one air pod. They also have two taps along its sides that help to activate Siri.

These Air buds are very comfortable as compared to the traditional ones. The best thing about them is that they are enjoyable to wear while running. I simply hate wearing any type of head set while exercising or jogging. I always insert them tightly but they always end up losing and falling. But this wasn’t the case when I first used Air pods. I wore them about 40 minutes during a long run without having to worry about its adjustment. For me they were more comfortable as they also block the external voice.

These Air Pods will definitely please the entire casual listeners who are looking for reliable ear buds. You will surely feel satisfied from its sound quality. The thing that it makes Air Pods different from other apple ear buds is that they can be detected when they are on air. It will automatically pause the music hen you remove one ear bud. And when you put them back they will automatically start playing again. This will help you to easily listen and observe the happenings in your surrounding it can be either an unexpected delay in your flight while you are at airport or a tourist who may be looking for directions.

Air Pods support long lasting battery life and they have efficient wireless connection. They can easily be paired with iOS devices. They have custom Apple W1 chip with optical sensors. It will the engage the iPhone automatically. They don’t tangled they have nothing that is to be plugged in. It is actually affordable if we compare its feature with other wireless ear buds. Don’t you think you are supposed to listen to music on these amazing Air Pods by now?

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