5 Most Sold Smart Phones In Pakistan

5 Most Sold Smart Phones In Pakistan

We have seen an immense rise of Smart phone users in Pakistan, due to the wild entry of 3G and 4G world. Pakistan indicates that it has over more than 150 million mobile users in the market. A mobile Application research firm has shown that 72% own their personal smart phones, out of which 63% are said to use smart phone for internet purpose on Wi-Fi. The market leader in Android application is Samsung, it is famous among youngster. The rise in smart phones is not just because of browsing purposes but it is used for many other services such as  online shopping, social apps and for marketing purposes as well. Different mobile apps are developed for the ease of users. Let’s give a look at the most demanded Smart phones In Pakistan.

Samsung galaxy Core Prime:

No doubt that Samsung galaxy Core prime is the most popular selling smart phone in Pakistan, and this is because of its amazing and unique features. It comes with the support of 3G and 4G. It has an internal memory of 8 GB which is not adequate but it can also be extended up to 1GB RAM. Samsung Core prime supports WLAN, Bluetooth, USB and other basic Android features as well. The results of primary and secondary cameras are both of 5MP.

Apply IPhone 6 Plus:

After the launch of IPhone 6 plus, Apple fans are really fascinated by the unique and agonizing features which includes oleo phobic coating and secure finger print sensor i.e. Touch ID. Its features are much more advanced than of Samsung Core prime with memory of 16 GB or 2 GB RAM. The results of both cameras are great due to pixel size of 1.5mm. The processor is also fast as compared to other Smart Phone. Its battery is non removable which is a little risky for the users. 

Infinix Note 2 LTE:

The most attractive feature that attracts every user of Note 2 is its slim and beautifully designed shape. It has all the glossy features in it. Although the size of the device is wider, but still it gives a stylish look in hands. It is dual sim and 2 MP front camera.


Q Mobile Z6:

Q Mobile Z6 seems to be a little similar to the above mentioned phones regarding to the similarity of their features. It also has an internal memory of 16 GB which makes it 2GB RAM. The result of camera is also advanced and those who love taking photographs should definitely go for this Smart Phone. The screen is of 5 inches and it offers all the basic features of Android Phone.

Huawei Y6:

Recently a new smart phone is added in the series of Huawei, known as Huawei Y6. It has 2GB RAM and 1GB ROM. This smart is the best choice for watching HD videos and playing games. It  has 2200mAh battery which helps the user to have fun for a longer time.



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