10 Android Phone Accessories

10 Android Phone Accessories

Android Phones are famed for their compatibility with various products and its diversity: Different shapes, sizes and OS skin. Everyone uses their phones differently or according to their priorities. If we look up in the market we can get variety of accessories from portables chargers to water proof cases. Following are some accessories which will go best with your android sets.

  • Mpow iSnap X Selfie Stick:

This selfie stick is quite different from the other sticks. It holds the smart phone securely and enhances its stability and has a portable design to just 7.1 inches. It is Bluetooth enabled and allows 270 degree rotation. It comes in solid black color and it is best for taking panoramas and group photos.

  • Portable Charger:

You may often get worried that your phone might leave you at lurch and you have no other option left for charging your phone. Mophie is one of the best buying portable chargers for android phone. it features 6000mAh battery capacity and can charge your phone twice. It is durable and come in variety of shapes and size. Its rubber shell protects it from getting scratches. It is a bit costly but worth paying for.

  • Headphones:

If you are a music lover, then headphones are one of the essential gadgetry of your daily routine. Bluetooth Sound PEATS QY7 V4.1headphones is the best one can have. They are available n different design and colors. They do not break easily. 

  • Glass screen protector:

A tempered glass protector is one of the best solutions to protect your screen. They absorb most of the scratches and keep your cell phone pristine. If these glass protectors get scratched, you can replace it. It saves the lives of many phones many times.

  • Water Proof cases:

A protective phone case is very essential for your phone from drops. The OSCA water proof case not only gives your phone a cool look and locks your phone safely. It also helps you to take clear photos and videos under water. It can go about 100 feet water under water. It also has a handy strap that helps to securely hold the phone during an adventure.

  • Wireless charging Pad:

Wood Puck is an example of wireless charging pad, it gives a spectacular look. It is compatible with all the android devices. It satisfies the need of different chargers as well. It is known for the combination of aesthetics and futuristic inevitability. Because of its shape, it can also be used as a home decor.

  • Smart Watch:


There are some amazing products in market that have a cool influence on your personality. The Samsung Gear S2 Watch, which is made up of metal and it is actually stylish. It has enhanced features of monitoring the vitals and text messages just by turn navigation on your wrist.

  • Netatmo Weather Station:

Now you need not worry about the weather and temperature outside to plan your business tours. Netatmo Weather Station is now available which tells you about weather, temperature, humidity and all kind of information. All you have to do is connect this with your smart phone. It not only works with android but also Windows phone.

  • Key board:


The smart phones which we have today are able to perform all the computer tasks. ZEGG FLEX keyboard is the solution to it. if you invest in this keyboard it will ease your work. It has a very protective cover that securely stands your android phone. It is especially designed to word with Android tablets.

  • A Bike Mount:

Many people don’t carry their phone when they travel on bike for its protection reasons. Now because of Bike mount you can carry your phone along with you, it attaches you android phone with the handle bar of the bike and allows you to use for favorite app. It also has an additional layer of shock resistance.

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